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Free Billing Support: 833 201 8682
Free Billing Support
833 201 8682

Scanguard Antivirus for Windows 2019

Powerful Protection for Windows, Mac & Android Devices

Protect Your Digital World Today

Built with desktop, tablet & smartphone users in mind our cross platform antivirus platform will protect you from existing viruses as well as new viruses and threats as they arise.

Advanced Antivirus Engine

Our super powerful and lightweight antivirus engine is trusted by millions around the world, preventing the spread of malware

Online Privacy & Protection

Keeping data safe and secure is essential to avoiding fraud. Our Privacy tools help keep your personal data out of the wrong hands

Speed & Power

Over time devices can become slow and feel sluggish. Our Speed up & Optimization tool help your device and get back on track

Real-Time Protection

Accidentally downloaded malware file can cause serious damage to your system, real-time protection will make sure you are kept safe 24/7

Cookie Cleaner

Tracking cookie are used by advertisers to track your activities and target you with unwanted adverts

Password Vault

Keep all your passwords safe in one place. All you have to do is remember one Master Password

Safe Browsing (VPN)

Improve your online security by making your browsing activity and history completely private & secure

Ad Block Pro

Removes annoying and unwanted adverts from your browsing experience

Safe Browsing VPN

Using a VPN can help you stay secure and remain private when browsing online. By encrypting and rerouting your browsing data via a worldwide network of secure servers, your browsing activity is unhackable and untraceable by criminal snoopers. As an added benefit, you will be able to access media content from around the world, bypass Geo-restrictions! Use our Superfast VPN service Safe Browsing (VPN) for ultra safe, ultra-fast and unrestricted browsing

Performance Features

We all want our devices to be as fast as they were when we got them out the box. We can help you get back the device you love

System Optimization Scan
Identifies any potential areas that could lead to your devices performing better and lasting longer
Disc Cleaner Pro
Helps you identify and reclaim valuable disc space that is currently being used by unnecessary files
Battery Monitor
Increase battery life by stopping unwanted processes and applications running in the background
Browser Manager
Keeping your browsers clean will increase efficiency, prevent unwanted advertising and can prevent fraud

Safe Site Web Extension

Compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari browsers the Safe Site web extension will block potentially dangerous or fraudulent websites before they can harm your system. Safe Site’s extensive database of dangerous URLs means, if you accidentally try to visit a harmful site you will be safely redirected away and made aware of the danger, leaving you to browse with peace of mind.

Advanced Protection, Simple Solution Download Now

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