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Scanguard Antivirus Per Windows 2019

Potente Protezione per dispositivi Windows, Mac & Android

Security, Privacy and Performance

Scanguard’s features can be divided into three types; Security, Privacy, and Performance. Take a look below to see a breakdown of the features...

Security Features
Powerful Antivirus is just the start. Our industry leading security features are sure to keep you safe
Privacy Features
Keeping your data safe from hackers and snoopers is essential to avoid falling prey to scams
Keeping your system optimized is essential to getting the most from your devices

Security Features

Malware Guard
Protect yourself against malicious software like Trojan Horses & Worms designed to cause damage to your computer or smartphone
Ransomware Guard
This particularly personal form of cyber attack will gain access to your computer and block personal files, demanding a ransom to regain access
Spyware Guard
Defend against software designed to gather information about you without your knowledge, stealing logins, card details and more
Adware Guard
This malicious software can persistently present you with unwanted adverts, sometimes in browser windows you are unable to close.
File Guard
Malware can be hidden in seemingly harmless file downloads. Scanguard Automatically quarantines these dangerous files
Advanced Firewall
Prevent unauthorized access to your private data and computer system with our Two-Way Firewall
Safe Site Extension
Safe Site will block potentially harmful or untrustworthy website URLs before they can breach your system
Identity Protection
Identity theft devastates millions of peoples lives each year. Our Identity Protection Service will keep your personal data out of the wrong hands (US customers only).

Navigazione sicura VPN

L'uso della VPN ti mantiene protetto e anonimo quando navighi online.La crittografia e il reindirizzamento dei tuoi dati di navigazione tramite una rete mondiale di server sicuri rendono tua attività inattaccabile e irrintracciabile per gli intrusi.Come ulteriore vantaggio, potrai accedere a contenuti di media di tutto il mondo, superando le restrizioni geografiche.Usa il nostro velocissimo servizio di Navigazione Sicura (VPN) per una navigazione ultra veloce, sicura e illimitata

Privacy Features

Keeping your data secure is essential to preventing fraud and other criminal activity

Pulitore cookie
Tracking cookies are used by advertisers to track your activities and target you with unwanted adverts
Area password
Proteggi tutte le tue password in un unico luogo.Devi semplicemente ricordare la password principale
Navigazione sicura
Migliora la tua sicurezza online rendendo completamente anonime e sicure navigazione e cronologia
Ad Block Pro
Elimina annunci fastidiosi e indesiderati dalla tua navigazione


We all want our devices to be as fast as they were when we got them out of the box. We can help you get back the device you love

Scansione ottimizzazione sistema
Individua potenziali aree che possono determinare migliori prestazioni e maggiore durata del dispositivo
Pulitore Disco Pro
Aiuta a individuare e recuperare spazio prezioso sul disco attualmente usato da file inutili
Controllo batteria
Increase battery life by stopping unwanted processes and applications running in the background
Gestione browser
Keeping your browsers clean will increase efficiency, prevent unwanted advertising and can prevent fraud

Advanced Protection, Simple Solution

Protect My Devices

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