Complete Antivirus & Security Software

Powerful antivirus engine, a simple to use interface and huge range of features make Scanguard the complete security suite

One Product, Complete Protection

All the features you need to keep you safe in one easy to use security suite

Advanced Antivirus Engine

Our super powerful and lightweight antivirus engine is trusted by millions around the world, preventing the spread of malware

Online Privacy & Protection

Keeping data safe and secure is essential to avoiding fraud. Our Privacy tools help keep your personal data out of the wrong hands

Speed & Power

Over time devices can become slow and feel sluggish. Our Speed up & Optimization tools help your device and get back on track

Real-Time Protection

Accidentally downloaded malware files can cause serious damage to your system, real-time protection will make sure you are kept safe 24/7

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Scanguard’s complete protection consists of all the features you would expect from an industry leading security suite. A super fast antivirus engine, real-time antivirus protection, and dedicated technical experts on hand to help you with anything Scanguard related. As well as this, Scanguard has amazing extras such as Safe Browsing (VPN) for complete online security, a Password Manager to keep all your passwords secure in one place, an in-browser ad blocking software Ad Block Pro, and much more. Get protected today and see the benefits for yourself!

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Compatible Protection

Now you have your desktop computer covered take a look at our feature packed iPhone/iPad and Android applications. Both these apps feature great space saving features, helping to speed up and optimize your smartphone and tablet devices. Our Android application also features our powerful antivirus engine offering amazing protection for you when you are on the move

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User Friendly, Super-Fast, Complete Security

At Scanguard we aim to make security simple. Our applications have a low CPU footprint so your device stays super fast and secure. With our simple to use apps, you are only a few clicks from complete digital security

Real-Time Protection

Running scheduled antivirus and speed-up scans is a great way to keep yourself protected, however, if you download a potentially dangerous file you can still be at risk. Our Real-Time Protection runs silently in the background and will catch and quarantine any dangerous files before they can infect your system

  • Actively guards against malware
  • Runs silently with no impact on performance
  • Stops threats before they reach your device
Advanced Protection, Simple Solution

Important Subscription, Pricing and Offer Details

We offer monthly, quarterly, biannual & annual subscription plans that automatically renew unless canceled. Unless you cancel before the end of your first term, your subscription will automatically renew for another term and each term thereafter upon its anniversary at the non-promotional price.

If you would like to cancel, you can do so by visiting your account or by contacting us. Refunds are available upon request for those who are eligible. To be considered for a refund, you must request cancellation within the first 30 days of starting an annual subscription, or within the first 14 days of starting a monthly, quarterly or biannual subscriptions.

Step 1 Open Once your free download has completed, click “Scanguard.exe” in the bottom corner
Step 2 Allow When prompted click “Yes” to allow Scanguard to install
Step 3 Install The Scanguard app will launch, click “Install” and follow the instructions provided