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Free Billing Support: 833 201 8682
Free Billing Support
833 201 8682

Expert Security Whatever Your Device

Scanguard keeps all your devices safe, at home or on the move

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Available On All Major Platforms

Scanguard’s security applications are available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac

Our Windows application is our flagship product. It comes fully loaded with tons of great security features
Keeping your Mac as fast, clean and secure as it was designed to be.
Our Android app comes with our advanced antivirus engine as standard

Scanguard for Windows

The Windows operating system is the most popular operating system for users around the world. Unfortunately, this also means there are more malware threats for Windows than other operating systems.

To protect your windows machine against threats use Scanguard as your first line of defense.

Scanguard for Mac

Your Mac should be powerful and simple to use, unfortunately with time and continued use your machine can slow down and become frustrating. Scanguard’s performance improving tools will help get your Mac back on track by improving performance speeds and start-up time.

In recent years, Malware designed specifically for Mac has become more common. Scanguard’s powerful real-time antivirus protection keeps your Mac protected from malware threats.

Scanguard for iPad and iPhone

Compatible with iPhone & iPad, our iOS apps are a great way to keep on top of your phones memory and battery usage.

For many of us, photos and video take up most of the space on our devices. Although lots of images contain valuable memories, large amounts of memory is taken up with duplicate or blurry images, which you don’t need! Our iOS apps help you locate the files you don’t need and keep the ones you do, potentially freeing up vast amounts of memory. Don’t let storage space become an issue, use Scanguard for iOS.

Scanguard for Android

With so many awesome security and optimization tools, Scanguard for Android will help keep your phone fast and secure

Advanced Antivirus Engine

Full antivirus protection will protect you device from the latest mobile malware, keeping you safe at home and on the move

Reclaim Valuable Space

Large files taking up your phones storage are often hard to find. Let Scanguard for Android do the hard work for you

Smartphone Optimizer

If your smartphone is showing signs of slowing down use our optimizer tools to get it back to full speed

App Lock

Make sure only the people you want can access the apps on your phone. Great for parental use or for messaging apps

Password Vault

Keep all your passwords secure in one place. All you have to do is remember one Master Password

Safe Browsing (VPN)

Use our in-app VPN service to browse securely, bank in privacy and access media from anywhere in the world unrestricted

Device Features Breakdown

Complete Protection Windows
Complete Protection Mac
Complete Protection Android
Advanced Antivirus Engine
Real-Time Antivirus Protection
Protection against Phising Scams
Device Optimizer
App Lock
Remote Firewall Protection
Web Browser Cleaner & Manager
App Manager
Web Shield Extension
Password Vault
Battery Saver
Safe Browsing (VPN)
24/7 Super-Fast Support

Premium features are available for an additional fee. These fees vary dependant on the feature.

Device Features Breakdown


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Advanced Protection, Simple Solution

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