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Free Billing Support: + 49 8005892770
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If you think Scanguard is either wrongfully detecting a file or missing a suspicious file simply enter the details below and we will have it reviewed for you.

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Please make sure that you compress the files using a packer such as 7-Zip or WinRAR. Since some email gateways are equipped with antivirus software, you should also give the file(s) a password to prevent them from being unpacked inadvertently. Please make sure that you're using the password "infected".

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If the file that you submit contains new malware which is currently unknown to us, the definition will be added to our anti-malware database. We will then be able to detect and if possible, remove it.

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If you think our scan has wrongfully detected a clean file by mistake please ensure you select ‘Submit False Positive’ from the options available above. After review if we agree that the flag is incorrect we will update our definitions.

Note: Please ensure you select the correct option when submitting the files as they need to uploaded separately

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